Animal Crackers

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Guy 2: Sweet how was that pussy?

Guy 1: It was awesome , she had an Animal Cracker. Animal Crackers unknown. The act of pulling out an animal cracker at random, assuming the position of chosen animal, and allowing your significant other to go to town on you.

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I love playing animal crackers , the giraffe gets me off every time. Animal Cracker music. Animal cracker unknown.

Animal Crackers

An ugly bitch. He cheated on that pretty girl with an animal cracker ass bitch. July 13, January 6 May 9 Beefer Chocolate Mop I'm outta here Fucky Wucky The familiar circus-train package, with its bottom wheels and handle on top, has been in play since Nabisco began manufacturing them more than a hundred years ago.

Originally conceived as a Christmas gift-turned-ornament, the package was meant to be hung on a Christmas trees by its string. This translates to a whopping 8 miles of string a year.

Animal Crackers Trailer (Official)

To commemorate the th anniversary of their crackers, Nabisco sponsored a name-our-next-animal contest in The overwhelming winner was the cuddly koala bear, which beat out the penguin, walrus, and cobra as the animal most kids want to crunch into. Until , Nabisco's animal shapes were stamped from a dough sheet by cookie cutters, which produced outlines that were rudimentary at best.

Origin of animal crackers

After rotary dies were installed, the cookies became much more distinct, with engraved designs that revealed a surprising amount of detail. The rotary dies are still used today. Like, is the hippo going, 'Hey, where are my pants?