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Decide for your favourite cut along with your preferred size for your unique Memorial Diamond. Experienced experts cut your Memorial Diamonds by hand as brillant, emerald, asscher, princess, radiant or heart cut. The costs of a diamond burial usually do not surpass the price of a traditional burial along with the care of the grave.

The prices start at CHF 3' for a 0,3 ct rough diamond made from hair. We guarantee and document our reverent attention to the entrusted cremains or hair of your loved one. Thanks to the successful cooperation with funeral homes worldwide a Memorial Diamond can be ordered fast and simple. If there is no partner or funeral home nearby, our team in Switzerland will be at your disposal and will process the order directly with you.

Do not leave your funeral and memory to chance after your death. Pre-plan your diamond burial and your wish to have a Memorial Diamond made from your ashes already during lifetime and spare your family in time of grief additional tasks and financial burden. Additionally, the prices at contract conclusion will be valid and secured. The Memorial Diamond is a unique and very personal option for the remembrance of a deceased family member.

On these grounds we treat the cremains or hair with the utmost respect during the creation process of our Memorial Diamonds and dedicate ourselves voluntarily to the professional standards of the Swiss, German and Austrian funeral services. She said that she had written a letter, a proposal of sorts, for Zanco.

Fehlbaum smiled. The endurance—I feel the energy from you. Magid put the ring back into her bag and handed Zanco the letter.

The Memorial Diamond as Graceful Memory

You once confided to me that you have been lonely down in the archive. Will you let me help you share it?

Smartly dressed professionals moved efficiently through the bright, twisting space, past gleaming white desks and espresso machines. But she greeted me with the exaggerated hand gestures and a syllable-punctuating laugh universally associated with Italians. She led me to a table, and someone brought very good coffee, whose quality Zanco disparaged and apologized for.

She told me her story. She met Fehlbaum in , at the opening of the Vitra Design Museum. She was living in Milan and working at an architecture magazine. She noticed a man get into a blue Alfa Romeo and took note of his good taste. She and Fehlbaum arranged to purchase it in its entirety.

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It arrived in Switzerland in March, Zanco began working on the archive with the help of a single assistant, a Finnish student. Well, there was the silent Finnish girl, too. And I do remember her with fondness, but she was completely silent. Zanco had recently had a child, then her parents died. Zanco is now working with four other scholars to complete the catalogue—which has swelled to two volumes, each more than nine hundred pages, with four thousand reproductions.

Zanco firmly denied that the archive had been an engagement present.

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How do you react to a no? I think it has to do with your relationship to authority. Back to whom? Under what circumstances? Institutional control is cold, unfriendly, and bureaucratic. But foundations are established to address problems. You agree, and then you see them in a spread in a fashion magazine for something about how pink is the new color for spring.

Man dies in Aberdeen as police lock down Diamond Bridge – The Scottish Sun

Zanco sighed but quickly recovered her brightness. Inside, it smelled almost like fresh snow. Zanco led me to a small adjoining office, which, unlike the rest of the space, had a window. She motioned for me to follow her to a table, where she put on a pair of white gloves and carefully began opening a flat folder. Under the first sketch was another and another, charting the evolution of the design. I asked Zanco if she ever felt bored by what appeared to be painstaking, lonely work.

Memorial Diamonds by ALGORDANZA

But I was in despair often. I am a working horse. I know that.

Drum Shanty / Blue Mountain

And still, after all these years, I have so little to show. Am I doing something wrong? I have asked myself that many times. We walked around the room once more. I see the silent, rapid destruction of his actual legacy, all while his biography and his colorful house get more popular.

If you conserve everything, there is no room for life. Recommended Stories. Sign in. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day. Privacy Policy. Dave Mosher , Business Insider. Dead people and pets are being forged into sparkling blue diamonds — here's how Dead people and pets are being forged into sparkling blue diamonds — here's how When a person dies, cremation is an Dave Mosher.

While at least five companies offer a "memorial diamond" service, Algordanza in Switzerland is one of the industry leaders — its services are available in 33 countries, and the company told Business Insider it sold nearly 1, corporeal gems in Follow us on: Also check out:.