Der gefährliche Lord Darrington (HISTORICAL MYLADY) (German Edition)

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A sweet and original story. Apr 13, Colleen rated it it was ok. So if you're looking for a plot along the lines of her sleeping with him for the entire book fretting about whether he loves her and what have you, you won't find it here. If you're not, you may well get your Regency fix in this story.

Historical Lords & Ladies Band 66 (German Edition) by Sarah Mallory

I'm not quite sure why I didn't like this book, so don't take my two stars to heart or as sure undeniable proof that it is rubbish. The build up to the secret was good - so good, in fact, that I was disappointed when it was revealed - and from there on I just found myself less and less interested in turning the pages.

Her response to Lord Darrington finding out the secret was extreme to say the least but then we were past that and the story took a turn that I hadn't expected until the discovery of said secret. It forced or so the author would have you believe Lord Darrington to accompany Beth to London to achieve X goal I'm trying to keep spoilers to a minimum and during the course of their time together, they fall in love.

Maybe it was the characters, perhaps it was the plot, or maybe it was just me It became a chore to finish. Judging by the score it has so far received, other people might better like this book. Acontece a mesma coisa com todas as mocinhas dela. Nov 20, Sol Santamarina rated it liked it. Then, near the end the story just unravels somehow. Plot holes appear everywhere, a damned shame, the ending is a mess, a quickly thrown together mess of dialog, improbable happenings, and really ackward behaviour from everyone.

I do have to say that the hot scenes are above average, and that it why I give it 3 stars.

Ugh this book dragged. Julia rated it liked it Jan 11, Liz Fielding rated it it was amazing Mar 10, Nathalie rated it it was ok Aug 11, Kristyn rated it liked it Aug 24, April Cantrell rated it really liked it Jun 28, Sara Phillips rated it it was amazing Jan 10, Rebecca South rated it it was ok May 27, Cida Poszvek rated it really liked it Nov 08, Carol rated it really liked it Oct 26, Margaret Hardie rated it liked it Jul 05, Patty rated it really liked it Sep 15, Mar 28, Pamela Fernandes rated it it was ok.

Beth is a widow who meets Guy or Lord Darrington after his friend meets with an accident. This made for very suspenseful reading at the beginning. The secret about the basement and the Priory was excellent.

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How I wish they were still there instead of traipsing allover England. Because that little adventure moved the story very slowly and the tension from the first half just ebbed out. Moreover, Beth has no reason to accept marriage to Miles. She starts off as an intelligent, smart woman, but Beth is a widow who meets Guy or Lord Darrington after his friend meets with an accident. She starts off as an intelligent, smart woman, but ends up being a TSTL heroine.


I would have given this more stars, but Sarah's got other awesome books. This is alright. Megan rated it liked it Aug 24, Alison rated it liked it May 06, Oct 11, Audrey rated it it was ok. I can't stand the heroine. The story is ok but I flip through because I just need to get through the book to the end. And that's not how I enjoy my books. Amy rated it it was ok Apr 20, Samantha rated it liked it Dec 31, The books at an eBook shop can be downloaded quickly, sometimes for free, occasionally for a fee.

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The sound is good.

The Dangerous Lord Darrington by Sarah Mallory

Faces are not clear from a distance, but in the close-up shots you can make out most features. At the end is the farewell from the cast to Michael Crawford, a speech by Steve Barton and a speech by Crawford. Overture stops then starts back up again.

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