Fraud in Accounts Payable: How to Prevent It

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It can also examine anomalies. Is there a transaction with matching data, but a different invoice number? Is there a transaction with the same invoice number, amount, and date, but for a different vendor number? They know that no one else needs to sign-off except them.

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So how do they process sizeable fraudulent payments? This sort of fraud is easily detected with data analytics.

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One common employee fraud scheme involves phantom vendors—an employee sets up a fictitious or unauthorized vendor account and submits invoices or process payments for non-existent or fraudulent goods and services. Data analytics can find these schemes by looking for matches between data in separate systems, like vendor and employee HR systems. Simple tests include looking for matches of employee data and vendor account data.

For example, matching addresses, bank account numbers, telephone numbers, and tax ID numbers. A simple data analysis test is to look for keywords associated with consumer or home-use items. Create a data table that includes a list of all suspicious words e.

A Surge in Accounts Payable Fraud

Other tests include listing suspect merchant codes if available like those relating to home goods, vacations, or luxury items. Or find matches between a shipping address for something ordered from a vendor and an employee address.

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For example, an employee could fraudulently access a vendor master record and input their own bank account information. After taking the money, the employee accesses the vendor master file and reverses the change. Data analytics can be run against vendor master change data to detect any change that is reversed within a short time frame. This occurs when an employee colludes with a vendor and submits invoices for non-existent or fraudulent goods and services. The payment is approved by the employee, the vendor is paid, and the employee gets a kick-back.

In organizations that track the receipt of goods through a goods received system, a data analytic can identify any failure to find a match between an invoice and the goods received system.

Accounts Payable (Disbursements)

This can be extended to check for three-way matches, when appropriate, between a PO, the goods received records, and the invoice. An employee may collude with a vendor and approve purchases at inflated rates, in order to receive a kick-back from the vendor. You can require suppliers to enter their business name, address, bank account information, tax ID number and other critical information before they are ever added to your vendor master.

Discrepancies are flagged and must be resolved before registration can proceed. A PO that remains open after a vendor has completed work for your company is the equivalent of cash left on a table. The PO, which was meant to control spending and prevent fraud, provides an easy path for fraudulent transactions to slip through. Institute regular screening for inactive POs and vendor records and close them as soon as possible. Close POs that have reached 90 percent of value after 60 days of inactivity, and all POs after no more than six months of inactivity.

Close vendor records after no more than 13 months of inactivity. Sometimes the simplest controls are the most often overlooked. While most of us are eager to reduce touchpoints and to streamline procure-to-pay processes, the risks involved with large payments are simply too great to ignore. Having a second set of eyes review information before a large payment is released simply makes good business sense. You need other control methods if you want to reduce your risks. Fortunately there are alternatives. Today you can adopt sophisticated fraud detection software that will compare employee records against your vendor master to spot any overlap.

Do fraud detection solutions make a difference? Companies adopting tools for proactive data monitoring and analysis average a 60 percent drop in fraud losses. Certified fraud examiners know there are distinct patterns and attributes that can signal a fraud scheme is lurking. Examples include high-risk addresses and countries, consecutive invoice numbers, small first invoices to test the waters, and use of private mailboxes that mask the absence of a physical business address.

Business Accounts Payable Fraud On the Rise Nationwide, Study Shows - Small Business Trends

This is another area where fraud detection software really shines. It can help you uncover patterns and anomalies that would be nearly impossible to spot during a manual review. The key is enabling internal fraud regulations and monitoring for every transaction, big or small. Finance departments may find also find risk relief in RegTech as a security solution—fraud preventative technology.

Instead of managing compliance and risks manually, finance departments are investing in cloud-based technology for simple security management. The study shares that business developments are now driven by technology, which is driving new security measures and risk monitoring approaches. Implementing technology so finance departments can be alert to suspicious activity is essential in catching every attack that may otherwise slip through the cracks manually.

Vendor verification is the primary safeguard to prevent accounts payable fraud from vendors during procure-to-pay processes. As a precaution, the FBI suggests that businesses only purchase goods from companies with copyrights or a trademark. They also recommend buying from reputable vendors, and those with a brick and mortar address instead of a P. The same percentage ask for a daytime phone number to verify information.

To reduce the risk of fraud, the person who creates vendors should not be able to also enter invoices or disburse payments. As an additional best practice, require a second approver for payments that exceed a certain dollar amount. To fight AP fraud, finance departments should invest more in cloud-based payment solutions and security platforms. Fraudsters are wisening up to attack employees and accounts in ways they least expect. The biggest way to protect information is a cloud-based, secure SaaS—especially when managing payment processes. Learn how our cloud-based AP automation solution has been tailor-made for community association management companies of all sizes.

Property management has historically been slow to embrace change, but innovations are beginning to reshape the sector.

Using this to pass one unique identifier from all demo forms. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Request a Demo. By: AvidXchange March 06, Payroll fraud: Entering a payroll service or software with the intention of stealing money.

Could you Prevent Accounts Payable Fraud in your Business?

Money fraud: Using fake printed money.