How To Make Money As A Rapper

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How to Make Money as a Rapper - Rap Music

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In addition to Forbes, my work on music, entertainm Read More. What a lot of indie artists fail to realize is that there are many other ways to make money with your art ASIDE from selling your music. You have to make money in other ways. Now we know that there are actually many articles that discuss the different ways that artists can get paid, but most of those articles talk about ways to get paid once you already have a big fan base built and already have songs on the radio.

Our focus right now, is to show the newer indie artists how to make money to invest back into their career. This has got to be the number 1 way for artists to get paid even those just starting out. Everyone loves a cool t-shirt, or hat or hoodie. You can start with the basics like shirts and hoodies and then get creative with it and design things that are really tailored to your brand for example, Wiz Khalifa sells lighters and marijuana paraphernalia. Set up an online store where you can sell all of your merch items.

Recording and Writing Music …

You can even offer discounts using discount codes to people that subscribe to your mailing list AND you can bundle your music and merch in a package. Throw your own shows and make money off of ticket sales.

Depending on the size of the venue, you can come out with a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Monetize your YouTube channel. Which leads us to our next point….

SoundCloud widens money-making program to more paying artists - CNET

Get your music on streaming websites like Pandora, Spotify and Tidal. You can also use either one of those to get your music on Spotify.

These are only 5 of the easiest ways to get paid right now. There are many other ways that we will discuss in future articles. One of the most important things to remember is that in order to get paid, you have to make it easy for people to pay you.

5 Ways To Make Money With Your Music

You have to offer a product. You have to remind everyone that you have products that are available and you have to make sure to get your music on platforms that have a large amount of listeners. Home Brain Food.