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Time to spill what I know. Ned Stark was never the lead character, just the lead character of the first season. George R.

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Martin uses this technique again and again. Over the years countless fans have given up on the series after their favorite character died brutally. Maybe you swore Rob Stark would save the Stark name and take revenge for his father? Instead he died in one of the most shocking and horrible scenes of all time: the Red Wedding , ripped right from the pages of history. The overarching plot of the stories dictates who lasts until the end. These characters are untouchable until the end game of the show. The reason is simple: It would bring the whole plot crashing down around us.

It might seem obvious now as the show enters its end game, but I called this back in To me it was clear for two reasons:. In other words, Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark are his true parents.

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He is not a bastard. The second one is pretty prosaic and something only another writer would see. That means we see everything through the eyes of a single character in each chapter. At the point Jon died he was the only major viewpoint character at the wall not counting the Red Woman, a minor viewpoint character , so Martin would either need to bring someone else to the wall, so we could see the events there, or bring Jon back. Because the plot mandates it. You see, amateur writers think you can do whatever you want in a story.

The rules are the world, the plot, the time period and the genre. They set the stage for everything else. And once you know them you can predict many things about a story, if you know where to look. But a master never breaks them. He innovates within those walls. The plot dictates the sweep of action in the story. There are three main plots in the Song of Ice and Fire :. These three directives drive everything over the whole of the series. The first one is basically a Macguffin.

It serves as a goal for all the characters to go after. The whole plot is a game of chess to win that ugly, uncomfortable seat in the Red Keep. Cersei is the central villain of the story. Cersei sets everything in motion, as only the true villain can. She sets up Robert Baratheon to be killed on his hunting expedition, which fractures the kingdom and sets everyone against everyone else.

She hatches the plot to keep her illegitimate son on the throne, Prince Joffrey. Then she hatches the plot to keep her second son in power. Finally she takes the rule of the Seven Kingdoms for herself. But make no mistake, she was always the shadow ruler, the true power behind all the other pretenders that sat on the throne. Eventually she kills everyone who stands in her way, even causing the death of her last son because of the sheer horror of her nature. Her primary goal is to hold on to what she has at any cost. She is the ultimate ego, cunning, always restless, always at war.

She is fighting for tradition and the way things once stood for centuries of peace under Targaryen rule, before her father, the Mad King, burned it all. In traditional epic tales, like Lord of the Rings , the good guys are all good and the bad guys all bad, but in GoT nobody is one thing. Everyone is shades of gray. There are some truly evil characters, like the Mountain, a rape and genocide loving psychotic, who loves torture and murder, but ultimately most of the characters are good and evil at the same time, just like real people. The truly black-hearted characters serve as contrasts to the gray.

This gray mortality is actually why Ned Stark dies. Ned is a traditional all good hero. And Martin kills him off viciously. The reason is symbolic. Only heroes like Tyrion do, ones who are cunning, willing to bend or break the rules, but who ultimately want to do the right thing if they can.

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Still, Tyrion never really wants true power. The final fight comes down to good Wonder Woman versus shadow Wonder Woman. At least for the Iron Throne. The current season 7 is signaling strongly that the battle for the Iron Throne will wrap up by the last episode, probably with the death of Cersei in epic fashion. How do I know?

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We already had two weeks of terrible set backs for Dany. Her ships were destroyed and her Unsullied mired on Castle Rock. Her Iron Islands team got slaughtered. Her Dorne team went down, and worst of all, High Garden took the big fall. Set backs are signs of a reversal though, which means Dany is going to turn the tables on Cersei soon. You have make them struggle for it.

Half of story telling is making your characters suffer. But her struggles are officially finished.

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Actually, Dany faced three set backs, not just two. Drogon took a spear that almost killed him, sending him spiraling from the sky. He may stay badly wounded or die, likely via poison on the tip of the arrow. My call is death for Drogon. But ultimately, the third setback was a fake out. The spear did not kill Drogon — yet. He will break out of the embargo or Dany will come to his rescue. But the speed that the final confrontation is progressing at makes me think that it ends this season. Most of the chess pieces are off the board. The Queen of Thorns is dead. Dorne is wiped off the map.

Bye bye to Iron Islands. Dany has no allies, only the army she brought with her from the beginning. The death of Drogon will likely mark the final trigger for Dany. That means Season 8 is really about something else. That something else is the battle against the undead. This was a bit of a wild card for me. Ultimately, I always thought the battle for the Iron Throne was the main plot point and structurally it is, because it carried the most weight over the most seasons, but by ending it early, the writers want to tell a different tale. Despite the popularity of shows like The Walking Dead , zombie stories are hard.

They have no personality, which means that the personality has to come from the characters who are left to fight them, and so they fight with each other. Usually in zombie stories the humans are the worst monsters. That brings us to the last character in our zombie apocalypse. Bran is the king of the battle against the White Walkers because of his third eye magic, and so is Jon, who represents the union of the southern kingdoms in the Targaryen the fire and the northern kingdoms ice , which makes him the Luke Skywalker of the story, the balance of light and dark.

The Starks are really the Skywalker family, if you look closely. Because of the way stories are conceived.

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Martin tells us that he saw a powerful vision of the Stark children with their direwolves. Great writers know that stories come through us not from us. If it started with a vision of the Starks, it ends with them. That is the nature of visions. The male Starks were all classic heroes, men of honor and duty. What would happen then?

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Suppose you hadn't passed your exams. What would you have done? What if he had lost his job? What would his wife have said? We can't all stay in a hotel.