Last Man Through the Gate

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Their alienation is not strictly a matter of racial difference.

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Jimmie and Mont, both working-class African Americans in their 20s, may cast occasional bemused glances at the influx of young, affluent white residents in their rapidly gentrifying city. Jimmie and Mont are quieter by temperament.

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Mont works as a fishmonger, but he is also an aspiring artist and playwright; we see him drawing in his sketchbook and watching classic films on TV, patiently summarizing the plot for his blind grandfather Danny Glover. Jimmie works as an elder-care nurse, though his real job is preserving the memory of that old Victorian, his childhood home.

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  8. But when the house is abruptly vacated and put on the market, Jimmie seizes his opportunity and secretly moves in with Mont, working tirelessly to restore the place to its former glory. But it is also a rich repository of old memories and mythologies, as well as an argument that true ownership transcends matters of title and deed.

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    By the time this movie opens, several generations have passed and another cultural migration has taken place. But in tone, style and rhythm, the movie bears little resemblance to those earlier pictures which did not, of course, particularly resemble each other.

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    Jimmie and Mont may be reserved on the surface, but they are also unwitting folk heroes in a contemporary urban picaresque. Fails, a first-time actor, has the kind of effortless, open-hearted screen presence that would brighten even a less autobiographical narrative.

    The Last Man

    He and Majors at times achieve the winsome rapport and understated pathos of a great silent-comedy duo. That extends to the endearingly mismatched outfits they wear day after day: Jimmie in a red plaid shirt, Mont in a light brown sports coat. With the exception of an opportunistic real-estate agent Finn Wittrock who is the closest thing here to a conventional villain, nearly every character we meet suggests a deep inner life beyond the frame.

    That strikes me as precisely the point.

    Last Man Through the Gate (novella)

    Great, great episode — and one that will surely have fans pulling their hair out when those final credits roll. I love these types of time travel episodes in which the ultimate fate of our beloved characters are foretold — some telling, others tragic, all touching.

    The last few episodes of Season Four should come with a 3-hanky alert. But it is the final straw.

    Prior to that, he considered the possibility that he could actually come up with a solution next to impossible.