Plague of Yersinia

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One third of the residents of Florence died in the first 6 months of the epidemic and as much as 75 percent died in a single year. Venice lost 60 percent of its population over 18 months that the epidemic raged. The last pandemics started in 19 th century in China and killed 12 millions people. In , 9 countries reported cases and deaths, almost all in Africa. Plague is still present in A graph of plague incidence and rates per , population in DRC ref.

Note that DRC has accounted for an increasing proportion of plague cases in Africa in recent years ref. Notable outbreaks : : an outbreak suspect cases, 58 fatal was reported in Ituri. Pneumonic plague affected suspect cases, including 57 deaths, in Zobia a town that was home to at least diamond miners, some km miles north of the provincial capital Kisangani , Bas-Uele district, Oriental province in eastern Congo, since 15 Dec to Mar The disease might have spread when of the miners left Zobia and disappeared into the bush 2 weeks ago, fleeing the disease and clashes involving various factions of the security forces guarding the mining area ref.

As of 19 Jun , WHO has received reports of cases of suspected pneumonic plague, including 22 deaths in Ituri district, Oriental province. Suspected cases of bubonic plague have also been reported, but the total number is not known at this time.

Plague and other human infections caused by Yersinia species.

Ituri is known to be the most active focus of human plague worldwide, reporting around cases a year. The 1st cases in this outbreak occurred in a rural area, in the Zone de Sante of Linga, in mid-May There are now 12 zones in Ituri -- with total population of almost -- affected by the plague outbreak. Bubonic plague, a less contagious form of the disease, is endemic to Ituri.

Since 16 Aug to 4 Oct , pneumonic plague claimed 29 lives and infected another people in the Pawa and Wemba areas of Isiro District. The local authorities on 11 Nov reported suspected cases, including 50 deaths. In fact, in , there was a sizeable outbreak of pneumonic plague, which may have killed upwards of people, according to Dr. Lev A. Melnikov, who was an eyewitness. Melnikov attributed the outbreak to the dangerous plague reservoir Rhombomys optimus the great gerbil. The first reports were from Cases have also been observed in the republics of Tyva and Gorniy Altay.

Since , no plague cases have been recorded in humans in Russia ref. The introduction of plague into the US via California in Lipson LG, led to the spread of the infection eastward across about halfway across the country, but it did not reach the east coast : however, person-to-person transmission is extremely rare; the last such transmission in the USA was reported in During , a total of cases of plague were reported in the USA CDC, unpublished data, , a median of 7 cases per year.

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The increased plague activity in is consistent with the predicted relationship between climate and the frequency of human plague in the southwestern USA. Although endemic in rodent populations the western USA, plague is most commonly seen in 2 regions: firstly : New Mexico northern : cases of human plague, including 31 fatalities, since , an average of 6 cases per year with a range of 0 to 27 cases. The last plague fatality occurred in in a Rio Arriba County child. There were no reported cases of human plague in the state in There have been cases of plague in animals reported in in Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, Taos, Los Alamos, Colfax and Bernalillo Counties : an adolescent from Santa Fe County was affected by bubonic plague in July rock squirrels collected in the vicinity of the patient's home were heavily infested with fleas, and fleas were collected from burrows in the area.

Since then, human plague in the USA has occurred as mostly scattered cases in rural areas an average of 10 to 15 persons each year.

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  8. The rodents have been missing for 2 weeks. There are no indications of terrorism. The FBI responded to the matter, and we dedicated a great number of agents as well as a large number of resources to the investigation, which is still ongoing : we're satisfied that there is no public safety risk and there doesn't seem to be any nexus to criminal activity or terrorism.


    New Jersey officials also are downplaying the health risk. They believe the infected mice probably died quickly.

    Environmental Sampling and Analytical Methods (ESAM) Program

    However, some government officials are deeply concerned about what the case says about security of some of the most deadly infectious disease projects and research labs. One source admitted that while officials are saying there is minimal health risk, no one can be entirely certain. There is minimal information provided, but "3 mice" possibly represents only a single box of such animals in a BSL-3 facility. Occam's razor would indicate a stupid mistake, but as the loss was noted 2 weeks ago, all probable explanations will have been investigated and the answer is still being sought. If the mice had died, been incinerated, and the box emptied, cleaned, and sterilized, all traces will have been lost, along with any memories of what had happened.

    But the card for the box should have been kept along with any comments. If this were a break-in by Friends of the Earth, there would have been ancillary damage unless this has been suppressed. They have the experience to carry out such a "raid" -- if raid it was. Clearly those involved are assuming that the mice have died, if they were removed. Odd, but those with experience of such facilities probably have plenty of pre-Homeland Security war stories.

    Authorities have launched a search for the animals and an investigation into how they might have escaped. But researchers are quick to add that the mice, even if they are on the loose, pose little risk to the public. At this point we are satisfied that there is no public-safety risk, but the investigation is ongoing.

    Comparative Genomics of Seasonal Plague (Yersinia pestis) in New Mexico

    The mice, which carried Yersinia pestis , were being studied at the Public Health Research Institute as part of a vaccine experiment. The institute, which handles about 10, mice a year, had a total of 24 plague mice in this experiment. Eight of these had not been vaccinated, 8 had been given the best current vaccine, and 8 had an experimental version: each group is missing a mouse, and has been for the past two-and-a-half weeks.

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    There are many potential explanations. The rodents could have been stolen or accidentally incinerated along with bedding from the cages. It is even possible that they ate each other, as mice are known to do this when they have plague. The institute's director, David Perlin, acknowledges the possibility of theft, but says he thinks it is more likely to be an honest mistake. Some estimate that research into plague and plague vaccines has tripled in the United States following fears of bioterrorism sparked by the 11 September attacks.

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    This trend means there are more infected animals scattered about the country that could, potentially, go missing. But experts have expressed surprise that such mice could actually escape.

    Plague as a Biological Weapon

    Research on plague takes place under tight security, in labs categorized as BSL3 and the entire lab is under video surveillance. If the mice did actually escape from the lab, they would have quickly died from the disease. And the animals' bodies wouldn't be expected to pose a risk after decomposing for several days. Having plague running wild is not as unusual as some might think A Los Angeles woman is being treated for bubonic plague, the 1st case of the age-old pestilence in the county since , health officials announced Tue 18 Apr She may have contracted the disease from fleas in the area around her Country Club Park neighborhood.

    An exponentially growing culture of Escherichia coli was treated with a high dose of ampicillin at time 0. After lysis, surviving persisters were reinocula Figure 2: Resistance versus tolerance. Bactericidal antibiotics kill cells by forcing the active target to produce corrupted products.

    Streptomycin interrupts translation, producing toxic misfolded pe Figure 3: A model of a relapsing biofilm infections. Regular cells and persister cells form in the biofilm and are shed off into surrounding tissue and the bloodstream. Antibiotics kills regular cells Figure 4: Redundant pathways of persister formation. Candidate persister genes and their targets, when known, are indicated.

    Plague (Yersinia Pestis)

    Figure 5: Sorting of persister cells. Figure 6: A model of TisB-dependent persister formation in Escherichia coli. This activa Several microbes promote plant growth, and many microbial products that stimulate plant growth have been marketed. In this review we restrict ourselves to bacteria that are derived from and exert this effect on the root. Such bacteria are generally Figure 1: Plant growth promotion by a bacterium.

    Figure 2: Illustration of the most important mechanisms of biological control of plant diseases by bacteria. In all cases illustrated here, biocontrol begins by coating seeds with the biocontrol bacte Email Share. Joseph Hinnebusch, Clayton O. Jarrett, and David M. Download Citation Citation Alerts. Abstract Interest in arthropod-borne pathogens focuses primarily on how they cause disease in humans.