The Sale of a Country: Behind the Scenes at Canada-US Free Trade Negotiations Office

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Canadians may also get a sense of whether hot button issues such as Chapter 19 are deal breakers or negotiation points. Here are the Canadians leading the way:.

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Why her? Because she knows America better than most, having been a high-ranking journalist with Thomson Reuters in New York, covering banking, trade and the economy. Freeland has already been hard at work meeting counterparts in the U.

On Aug. When it comes to trade and foreign affairs, there may be no one more experienced than Hillman. Many of the provisions in the TPP will likely pop up again here. Two things make him the right person for the job: he can handle the pressure and he has a history of bringing numerous sides together. Most industries have something at stake here, while certain requests that the U.

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David Usher, director general of trade negotiations at Global Affairs Canada, has the important task of gathering information from provinces, federal departments and others who have a stake in this process. A lot. Hembroff, a director at Global Affairs Canada, has been working in the department since , holding increasingly more senior positions, so she knows her stuff, says Curtis. One of her more important duties will be to ask academics, economists and think tanks to come up with ideas on how certain deals will impact Canadian industry and our economy.

NAFTA, explained with a toy car

If the country loosens supply management rules, dairy farmers may see their livelihoods impacted, for instance. Other changes related to duties and taxes could impact a host of industries, like retail, e-commerce, aerospace and more. Some large companies, ones that may be more directly impacted by any changes to trade, could have executives on site, as well. Usually, presidents and prime ministers stand mostly on the sidelines, letting everyone else do the difficult work.

With this negotiation, though, Trudeau may be busier than usual, says Leblond. If the U.

How cap and trade works

If Trump starts tweeting about Canada in a negative way, Trudeau may be the one to calm the public or give his U. That kind of rhetoric, appealing to the laid-off miners, factory workers and others who blamed free trade for their woes, helped elect the most populist American president in decades. While a rising trade deficit from to coincided with the loss of almost six million U.

In fact, if you look at the Trump budget, they would be basically proposing to get rid of almost all the support for training and worker relocation. Labour leaders are pushing for stronger grievance procedures and wage protections, as well as heightened workplace inspection protocols. Given that the U.


Trade experts scoffed at this goal. The idea that both Canada and Mexico would agree to accept larger trade deficits for themselves in order to reduce the U.

Still, many concur that the trade deal needs to be modernized. The report estimates that 12 percent of global goods trade is now conducted via e-commerce and that international data flows have increased 45 times over the past decade.

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The only difference is now the American troops are coming to the ramparts for the first time. Ross has been vocal about what he sees as shortcomings of past trade agreements, complaining that the U. He argues for narrowing U. The deal averted the imposition of duties and limited Mexican imports that U.

Many economists view his focus on reducing trade deficits as, at best, simplistic, and at worst, a dangerous precursor to possible trade wars. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. Robert Lighthizer has been down this road before.

The Hidden Challenge of Cross-Border Negotiations

The U. Steel Corp. Thanks to his work as the chief counsel to the Senate Finance Committee from to , Lighthizer is also experienced at moving deals through Congress, a key constituency due to its constitutional authority over trade. When he and Ross met with the president to try to change his mind, Perdue brought along a map showing the areas of the country that would suffer the worst job losses in agriculture and manufacturing from such a move — many of them were counties that had voted for Trump in November.

Added to pressure from the leaders of Canada and Mexico, the map was persuasive. The president decided to renegotiate rather than withdraw. Constitution gives Congress authority over international trade. In recent years, Senators and House members have effectively ceded some of that authority to the Executive branch, but that stance has begun to change with a volatile populist in the Oval Office whose globalist and isolationist wings have struggled to advance a coherent trade policy. Congress takes its oversight of the trade function extremely seriously, trade experts say, and lawmakers will likely be watching the NAFTA renegotiations very closely.

While red-state Senators are watching to ensure no ground is lost on agricultural trade, many Democrats will be focused on the labour and environment chapters. Pic … Rep. Steve Scalise R-La. Brad Schneider D-Ill. Henry Cuellar D-Texas. Dick Durbin D-Ill. John Kennedy R-La.

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