Workplace Trauma: Concepts, Assessment and Interventions

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His current job is senior consultant at the department of military psychology in the Veteran Center of the Danish Defence. His job entails ensuring good clinical practice and to improve the clinical care for Danish soldiers suffering from PTSD. The Portuguese representative is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist CBT and emergency psychologist.

She is experienced in working with people from different cultural backgrounds as well as trauma survivors. She is a body psychotherapist in training. Beside supporting police officers experiencing psychological problems in general or after traumatic events, he is called to intervene during acute crisis situations such as suicides or major disasters.

This plan revealed its effectiveness after a hostage taking in a children day care centre in and an air crash in Under the leadership of Yulia, the psychological service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia was established and passed its formation. Yulia repeatedly took part in emergency rescue and other urgent work related to the elimination of the consequences of major emergencies in the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, leading the work on organizing and providing emergency psychological assistance to the victims.

Yulia has created an original practice-oriented direction in the field of extreme psychology - "Emergency Psychological Aid. She is leadership of the specialization "Psychology of Extreme and Emergency Situations". She also developed and successfully introduced the training program "Extreme Psychology", "Emergency Psychological Aid", "Psychology of Public Service" in the educational process.

Filippova Maria is a clinical psychologist, the expert in the field of trauma psychology, the deputy director of the Center for the emergency psychological aid of EMERCOM of Russia, the senior teacher of department of extreme psychology of faculty of psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University. Since till present the organizer and the teacher of the international seminars "Methodology of psychological support in emergency situations" on the basis of EMERCOM of Russia for experts from member countries of the International organization of civil defense.

Teaching activity. Since she participates in training of students of faculty of psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University in "Clinical psychology" specializations "Safety psychology" "Psychology of emergency and extreme situations". She works at the Center for Crisis Psychology, University of Bergen, with treatment of traumatized and bereaved patients. She gives lectures and trainings to health personnel and social workers and is involved in crisis management and follow-ups after traumatic events.

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Furthermore, she provides expert assessments within the child welfare system and the legal system. Djup has years of clinical training within the field of trauma, crisis, disasters and bereavement.

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She has been involved in developing preventive and health promoting strategies for refugees and asylum seekers in Norway, both through community-based programmes and trauma group interventions. The French representative Dominique Szepielak Ph. He worked for twelve years at Versailles hospital. He offered consultations for traumatized and pain patients, many of them referred by insurances companies.

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Dominique has served in French army, and has assimilated field experience in different units submarine, Special Forces and psychological unit , partly in war situation. The Andorran representative observing member is a psychologist working at private practice in Andorra la Vella, and member of the intervention team at the Crisis Center of Barcelona.

Workplace Trauma: Concepts, Assessment, and Interventions

She is accredited as an expert in emergency management, crisis and disaster psychology. Nathalie is specialized in clinical and health psychology. She works in private practice as well as in a therapeutic centre for people with behaviour and addiction disorders, and she's a trainer and counselor for different companies and the Catalan Association of Psychologists. She's been working with people involved in some of the important disasters that have occurred in Spain these last years, like the Madrid and Barcelona attempts, the plane accidents of Spanair and Germanwings and other less-known traumatic incidents.

She also works with some bereavement associations and offers individual as well as group therapy and counselling. She's been a member of the Section of Emergencies in the Catalan Association of Psychologists since In addition to his Bachelor's and Master's degree in psychology with an emphasis in clinical and rehabilitation psychology and a postgraduated degree in Criminology, Florian Stoeck, born , completed a variety of trainings in crisis management, crisis and disaster psychology and stress and trauma prevention.

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He is working as a lecturer in Psychosocial Support and Crisis and Disaster Psychology at a german university, two police academies and other specialised training institutions. Higher Education and Professional Books. Medical and Nursing Books. View Plans. Enter pincode.

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Usually delivered in days? Tehrani Noreen. SansRack 3. Only for plus members Get exciting benefits. How can organisations defend their employees against psychological trauma? Post-traumatic stress is a topical subject of increasing importance. Yet much of the writing on this subject so far has concerned stress suffered by people exposed to serious turmoil such as war and ethnic conflict.